Setlists: MA and NYC



The Spotlight Tavern
Beverly, MA

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Spotlight Tavern last week to celebrate Matt Zappa’s B-Day. I Was Awake killed it like always and they let Matt sing a Deftones song with them. Also, we got to meet some new friends in Ladymob.

Here is the Setlist:
*The Red and the Grey
*Only One
*New Song (A Thousand Years)
*New Song (The Drought)
*Reckless and Fearless







Manhattan, NYC

Last night was a killer show in NYC with Edensong (congrats on the album release), Infinite Spectrum and The Sea Awake. Sorry it took us so long to come back, but we already have more shows in the making show. Thank you all for coming out.

*Until we’re bones
*The Drought (new song)
*A thousand years (new song)
*Reckless and Fearless
*Red and the Grey

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