Protean Collective’s Indiegogo Campaign

Hi guys, we’re here with some very exciting news!!

After months and months of hard work, we have our next album well into the production process, and it should be ready to release in a few short months.  It’s called Collapse, and we’ve got to say we are SO proud of how this album is turning out that we cannot wait to share it with you.

We’re going to ask for your help though, getting it through the final stages of production and getting out to support it.  Yesterday, we launched an Indiegogo campaign to help us pay for some of the expenses of making an album (recording, mixing, mastering, replication, etc.), and we’re asking if you can give us a hand.

Save this linkHTTPS://

That is going to be your headquarters for information about the album.  Check it out now to learn a little about what we’re doing and to hear a few snippets of the album.  We’re offering all kinds of perks in exchange for contributions- whether you’re just preordering the album or trying to get some exclusive merch, every bit helps.  Even if you aren’t able to contribute right now, keep checking back because we’re going to be posting regular updates including videos, sneak peeks at the album, and more.  Please share with your friends!!

With your support, we’re going to make this by far our biggest album.  We really think that we have an exciting collection of music here, and we’re going to tour all over to share it with the world.
We will see you on the road soon!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!


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