With roots in Boston, Protean Collective melds progressive rock and metal. Their sound with pulse pounding rhythms and screaming leads give listeners an assault of a visceral and cerebral energy every time out. With universal themes and often times unsettling imagery, they’ve captivated audiences throughout the US.

“…all the best things about forward-thinking proggy bands like The Ocean, Textures or a much heavier Porcupine Tree but with only clean-sung vocals, and with really catchy melodies free of cheese.”

“Protean Collective takes well constructed, memorable melodies and brands them into your mind with a stark and foreboding sense of power and aggression… 8/10”
Metal Injection

“I honestly feel that one of the most reassuring aspects of working for Lady Obscure is the constant reminder that prog rock and metal isn’t going to fade into obscurity (pun totally intended) any time soon. 4/5”
Lady Obscure

“…within the aggression and the harshly mathematical chord progressions are moments of power and beauty that transcend genre, moments even a listener not versed in metal can latch onto.” – Worcester Telegram & Gazette

“To be progressive is to truly push not only yourselves as artists, but your listeners as well. The group achieves that goal in spades, as there’s a hefty balance of instant
accessibility and great challenge to be found here. 9/10”
Nefarious Realm

The Dig Boston

Protean Collective is a Boston based progressive metal band formed in 2005 at Berklee College of Music. The group consists of Graham Bacher (Vocals/Guitar), Dan Ehramjian (Bass/Vocals), Steph Goyer (Guitar/Vocals), and Matt Zappa (Drums).

The band’s unique sound has developed though combining the experimental aspects and dynamics of progressive music, visceral energy of metal, and songwriting craft of rock.  Years of working together and performing countless shows have led them to hone their own signature sound.
Protean Collective released their newest album “The Red and the Grey” in March 2014 to critical acclaim. The album was mixed by André Alvinzi and mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia, and Symphony X) at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden. It was self-recorded at Squid Hell Studios in Boston. The album has sold in 27 countries and was performed in its entirety for the first time at the album release show with the New England metal groups: Acaro and Pathogenic.
In their early years, the band released 2 albums: The Protean Collective LP (2006) and Once Mechanical (2008). These releases introduced the northeastern region of the US to their experimental ideas, while trying to find a scene that they fit in by playing on any shows that would have them- whether they were metal, punk, or indie.
2010 brought the release of Divided which was a major shift in songwriting to a darker content and more polished aesthetic. This was the first album that turned them into a touring band gaining fans along the east coast and mid west of the US.
In 2012, Protean Collective released Exposed, a 3 song EP that saw them further developing in the path Divided had taken. but for the first time they broke from their DIY ethic of self producing by bringing in the Grammy nominated, Jeff Lipton of Peering Mastering, to master the release.


We’ve shared the stage with:

• Cynic (Season of Mist)
• Lesser Key (Sumerian Records)
• Scale The Summit (Prosthetic Records)
• Into Eternity (Century Media)
• The Protomen (Sound Machine)
• Powerglove (E1 Music)
• Thomas Pridgen’s The Memorials (Ex The Mars Volta)
• Trioscapes (Metalblade Records/Mem. of Between the Buried and Me)
• Three (Metal Blade Records)
• Howl (Relapse Records)
• The Reign of Kindo (Candyrat Records)
• WovenHand (Glitterhouse Records)
• Jolly (Century Media Records)
• Percy Jones and Tunnels (Buckyball Music)